YIM Program

YIM Program

One of the goals of the iwCLL is to promote the development of emerging scientists, both clinic- and laboratory-based, who will continue to unravel outstanding questions in CLL. Since 2005, iwCLL has been preceded by a Young Investigator Meeting (YIM), which offers an opportunity for investigators less than 40 years of age to present and discuss their data.

The YIM is a forum for tomorrow’s leaders to network and collaborate with today’s CLL experts. Because of its relaxed atmosphere that facilitates interaction between emerging and established leaders in CLL,

“The purpose of the YIM is to facilitate the professional development of young clinical scientists in the field of CLL research. By providing an opportunity for young investigators to share their research interest in CLL, the YIM planners hope to promote their participation in the iwCLL and encourage their interaction with established senior CLL scientists and investigators to help advance their careers.”

–Shih-Shih Chen, PhD; 2019 YIM Co-Chair

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